Last months were quite empty, we had to 

cancel all the concerts. Artists and audience were sitting at home, frustrated, peaceful, testing their patience.


Slowly we can explore the ‘new outside’ again.
To celebrate and share our freedom as improvisers, we present Picnic Concerts on top of the ONDERBUIK.

The second edition will take place on Sunday September 20

Doors open 14:30 

Start 15:00 

On this nice field at Fort Lunet I, we present two concerts. It is a picnic concert so please feel free to bring your own sandwiches/muffins/snoeptomaatjes/icecreams/….. 

We follow the RIVM rules, so only come if you can follow these rules(you’re not sick and keep distance!)

There are limited tickets and you can only come in if you bought a ticket before so make sure you get one here!